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Jun. 2nd, 2011

sho with glasses

Ten are you meme thingy~

Tagged by lovu_lovu_aiba. This meme was kinda interesting.

I'm not really gonna tag anyone, whoever wants to do it is okay xD

1. Are you single – Sadly yes
2. Are you happy – right now, yes because my English teacher was proud of me and gave me a hug (that means a lot to me)
3. Are you bored – a little
4. Are you white – Noooo
5. Are you Italian – Nope
6. Are you intelligent – I probably used to think that, but I don’t think so anymore
7. Are you honest – most of the time, yes
8. Are you nice – I’m usually nice
9. Are you Irish – Ummm, nooo
10. Are you Asian – Yup~!

1. Full Name – Cynthia T. H. (I’m not giving my full name, there are creepers out there lol) xD
2. Nicknames – Cyn, Cindy, Sin-pon (from lovu_lovu_aiba <3)
3. Birth place – California
4. Hair color - Black Ryo-chan says having black hair means you’re a natural Asian (or something like that) :D
5. Natural hair style – I actually dunno anymore…*shot* It was somewhat wavy and for one year, it was naturally straight, then back to wavy o_o
6. Currently living at – my parents house, I’m still underage. What’s worse is that I don’t even own the key to my own house I keep telling my parents to get me a spare key. Cuhs what if I try to hop the fence into my own house and get arrested for doing that? (no one trusts teenagers nowadays lol)
7. Birthday – December 14 1994  I lied on lj so I can read nc-17 fics *runs away*
8. Mood – Still happy because of my teacher. I always thought she never noticed me, but after reading my portfolio she commented and said she always watched me xDD
9. Favorite color – Umm…BLUE!
10. One Place you'd like to visit – JAPAN! I’m gonna be one of those creeper stalkers lol

1. Have you ever been in love - Yes
2. Do you believe in love at first sight – No
3. Do you currently have a crush? – If you mean people my age then no. But if you’re talking about a certain person named Sakurai Sho… ^^
4. Have you ever been hurt emotionally – of course
5. Have you ever broken someone's heart – I’m sure I did.. D:
6. Have you ever had your heart broken – Of course, it’s natural right? Happens once in everyone’s life?
7. Have you ever liked someone but never told them – yup, all the time. That’s why I don’t have a boyfriend *sigh*
8. Are you afraid of commitment – Sometimes I feel that way
9. Who was the last person you hugged – My English teacher lol
10. Who was the last person you said I love you to? – A certain person, it was a looonng time ago

1. Love or lust – Both? Love comes first though
2. Hard liquor or beer – none
3. Cats or dogs – dogs, but I don’t wanna have any in my house
4. A few best friends or any regular friends – best friends are better, no?
5. Creamy or Crunchy - Creamy
6. Pencil or Pen – probably pen
7. Wild night out or romantic night in – I’m not sure? I guess it depends, probably romantic night
8. Money or Happiness – Happiness, of course. :3
9. Night or day - Night xD
10. IM or phone – IM, I don’t talk much on the phone I probably sound weird

1. Been caught sneaking out – I can’t even leave my own house lol. well I’m not trapped in, just I usually go out with my parents or ask to go out. (still don’t have my own set of keys)
2. Seen a polar bear – Yup~ on TV! :D lol
3. Done something you regret – unfortunately most of the time DD:
4. Bungee jumped – NOOO and will never
5. Eaten food that fell on the floor – yes, 5 second rule lol:D
6. Finished an entire jaw breaker – never had one before
7. Been caught naked – Ohmy, NO >.<
8. Wanted an ex bf/gf back – yes, happens to almost everyone I guess?
9. Cried because you lost a pet – I almost cried because my fat chubby goldfish died
10. Wanted to disappear- Not really..Does mirror man count? Cuhs I wanna try that lol

1. Smile or eye – Both, mostly smile xD
2. Light or dark hair – dark :3
3. Hugs or kisses – hugs, never kissed anyone so I wouldn’t know really but both is fine
4. Shorter or taller- he better be taller than me. I’m 4’11” so there’s no excuse lol
5. Intelligence or attraction – I like smart guys and little with looks. Sho fits that category! *shot*
6. Hot Topic or Hollister – Hollister, I like stylish type.
7. Funny or serious – both, depending on situations
8. Older or Younger – Older. yenno, out of all my friends, I;m the oldest >.<
9. Outgoing or quiet – In between. Outgoing is okay, a little but not TOO quiet since I’m already quiet and it’ll be awkward
10. Sweet or Bad - Sweet :33

1. Ever performed in front of a large crowd – Yup a guitar performance (I messed up though) and I did a debate thing in English class. Oohh in grade 5 I had to do a skit in front of the whole school it was horrible
2. Ever talked on the phone for longer than an hour – No one ever calls me D: longest is prob 30 min to my cousin
3. Ever tried walking on your hands – nope. Do you want me to kill myself?
4. Ever been to a rock concert – been to Chinese concert only
5. Ever been on a cheerleading team? – nope, not even loud enough to cheer lol
6. Ever went skinny dipping? – Huh? NOOOO
7. Ever been on a blind date - never
8. Ever went ice skating- no but I want to
9. Ever owned a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Escalade, Hummer or Bentley? – I can’t even drive yet o_o
10. Ever been in a circus? – when I was younger

1. Go bungy jumping or cliff diving? – NONE
2. Watch a Horror Film or a Chic Flick? – chic flick? yes. Horror? NOOO
3. Go to Hawaii or Aspen? – been to Hawaii before but I think Japan is better? Ohh maybe Canada, I have a friend I wanna meet one day :3
4. Play spin the bottle or truth or dare? – maybe truth or dare
5. Cheat or be caught cheating? - I haven’t done that before
6. Read or watch? - Depends which plot is better
7. Text or Call? – Text my dad needs to get me more texting and I need more texting buddies lol ( I know, I’m so antisocial >.<)
8. Sing a Rebecca Black Song or a Justin Bieber Song? – Ewww noooo
9. Quiet and Happy or Loud but Hurting? – happy right?
10. Go to facebook or tumbler? Facebook, but don’t talk to many people (kinda antisocial, not many friends lol)
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May. 26th, 2011

sho with glasses


I haven't been updating my journal lately..but right now something is really bothering me. D:

After school i was walking to my class and saw my friend and this guy [who happens to like me before and we still talk btw] together and they were really close. I don't get what happened though, like when did they get together and how?

I dunno why i'm bothered by this too. I mean, I can't possibly like him too right? He did ask me out before, but i rejected him and because i really didn't want to be together with him. And now that i see my friend and him together, i feel weird. I don't wanna ask them anything though because it can get awkward.

I don't i really like him, maybe i'm just insecure that he won't talk to me anymore because of my friend? And i don't wanna tell my cousin about how i feel because she hates him, lol. D:

WHy is this happening to me? DD:
What should i do??

Mar. 11th, 2011

sho with glasses

Japan Earthquake

There was an earthquake in Japan, as most already know. Thank god Arashi, News, Naitomea and a few others are okay. But according to jpoasia, when I last checked, UVERworld isn't on the list. I hope they're okay, along with everyone else.
I didn't know about the earthquake until someone told me at school, and I was freaking out. DDD: Now that means I most likely won't go to Japan in a few years.

I really hope everyone else is okay D:

Feb. 7th, 2011

sho with glasses

Mash game

I actually got this from lovu_lovu_aiba who got it from someone else. I'm actually happy with my result~

You will marry Sakurai Sho.
After a wild honeymoon, you will settle down in Hong Kong in your fabulous Apartment.
You will have 4 kid(s) together.
The family will zoom around in a Black Toyota.You will spend your days as a Doctor, and live happily ever after.

Jan. 30th, 2011

sexyy nino

First Official Post *shot*

Well, it took me a while to find the post button..*shot* This is my first time posting anything on my lj, except for that one fanfic I wrote a looooong time ago. <--I still dunno how to use lj lol. I had a writer's block awhile ago. I'm considering on writing a fanfic, but I don't think I have the potential to do it D: . Maybe a collaboration? I dunno yet, don't know or talk to much people here on lj...

Anywayys, I met this Korean foreigner a few weeks ago and it was fun talking to him even though both of us could barely understand each other. I helped him with english and should of asked for some Korean lessons. Oh well maybe next time <--he's a hair stylist and imma ask him to cut my hair next time xDD

Nov. 17th, 2008

sho with glasses

Special Happiness-one shot

Special Happiness

It was yet another dull day for me. This day has been a routine for the past two months. Actually, every summer vacation has been the same since I can remember. Careful to not attract any attention, I stepped out for fresh air. As I got out, I felt as if I was being roasted. I dragged myself to the usual place where I can be alone, the willow tree. By the time I reached my destination, I stood a few feet away from a guy who looked a couple years older than me. After what seemed like hours, he finally noticed me.
“Why are you here?” He questioned me.
“This is the only place where I can be alone,” I whispered.
When I sat next to him, I found out that he has the same interest in music as me.
“I didn’t know that you like this band too,” I said trying to get his attention.
After a few minutes, he still didn’t respond. It was probably the music blaring from his headphones, so I lightly threw a punch at him. I was only glared at. Feeling unwanted, I quickly stood up to leave. I felt angry with myself, at him. I decided to go home to play the guitar.
Why don’t I ever get noticed? Did I do something wrong? Of course I did. That boy didn’t like me at all, even if he doesn’t even know me yet. I started to remember when I was made fun of. Since I was third to sit in my seat, two guys who sat nearby glanced at me, “Third the nerd.”
“I know he is a nerd,” the other snickered. I sighed, trying to forget that incident.
A few days later, I ran into him again. Because he was the flirty type, he walked towards me trying to get my attention. I was eying the lollipop that he had in his mouth which made him look so hot.
“Here, you have this,” he offered, handing me a new lollipop.  
“Thanks,” I said with happiness.
“Hey, you finally smiled!” Candy boy complemented.
I walked to the willow tree, only to find it gone.
“It’s gone! The willow tree, why? It was one of my comforting places!” I yelled to no one in particular.
“Hey! Fish, why isn’t it here? Tell me!” I peered into a nearby pond and literally lectured the fish, while looking like a four-year old jumping in excitement.
Anyone passing by would have thought that I was crazy. As I turned around, I saw what I thought was a willow fairy. Snapping out of my imaginary world, I noticed that it was him.
“What are you doing?” he asked, staring at me as if I was some weirdo.
“Um, uh…the willow tree is gone?” I replied with embarrassment. I mentally kicked myself for being crazy.
We’ve met a few times after that incident. Jin had asked if we could meet where the tree used to be, since that was somehow a memorable place. I feel that he was the first person to accept me for who I am and he was happier with me than with others. Unfortunately, one day I saw him with someone else. He looked better off with that person than he was with me.
Don’t bad beginnings usually end up being awesome endings? So, why isn’t this an awesome ending? Soon, I was spotted. Jin rushed toward me with his friend being dragged along.
“Hiya! What are you doing here?” Jin asked.
Glancing at him, I said “Err, nothing really. Just walking around, I guess.”
"Oh, I'm yamapi! " He introduced himself.
“Wanna join us?” I was questioned.
“No, it’s okay. I don’t wanna bother you guys,” I managed to say, trying to hold back my tears. “besides, it’ll probably feel awkward with me included in your plans.”
“Oh, okay then,” he pouted.
The next time we met was a coincidence. Class just ended, leaving me with nothing to do. I was outside the school, waiting to be picked up. Jin, who saw me right away, bounced towards me.
“Hiya!” he greeted me as usual.
“Oh hi,” I greeted back, snapping out of my thoughts.
“Why didn’t you join us that other time?” He inquired.
“Like I said before, I didn’t want to bother you. Besides, I might be annoying and less fun to be with,” I said.
“What makes you think that you aren’t fun to be with?” Jin answered sounding as if he were mad, yet concerned. “You’re not even annoying.”
“Everyone I try to talk to wouldn’t really talk to me. They would just befriend me for a day, then forget about it the next or say a few words to me,” I said as a tear rolled down. “My best friends hardly even talk to me. No one ever picks me to be in his or her group or team, either. That’s why you’d usually see me alone and quiet. Although, I’m a shy person I can be as fun as the others, but it seems that I’m only made fun of.” By now, my face became stained with tears.
“It’s not true. Everyone should like you for who you are. You’re just someone waiting to be noticed, and you have been,” he replied.
Before I protested, he pulled me into a hug. I hugged back, sobbing.
That day, I felt like a slave who earned his freedom. I was liked for being myself. Even though I stay unnoticed, I still have my friends and family who will be by my side. I guess this is my special happiness.

Notes: sorry if there are mistakes...i had to edit this since i wrote this for my essay about my life. pls comment

Nov. 12th, 2008

sho with glasses


hi~ i'm new here. hope to make new friends~